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Get Baptized

Baptism is a public declaration of a person’s faith in Jesus Christ. It lets people know that you have trusted Christ to be forgiven of your sins and that you have given your allegiance to Him. If you want to learn more about baptism and/or you need to take this step, contact a pastor.

Become a Member

  1. A church member is one who has made a commitment to our church, covenanting and partnering with fellow Christians in faith and service. When you become a member you agree to our church covenant and our core convictions, which are rooted in scripture.
  2. Membership Seminar
    We host a ninety-minute seminar a few times a year that explains how to join our church and what it means to be a church member. If you are interested in membership you can speak with one of the pastors or complete the form below to be notified when the next membership seminar will be held.

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Join a Community Group

A community group is a gathering of 8-12 believers who meet at least twice a month for the purpose of mutual encouragement around God’s word. These groups strengthen your faith as you invest in the lives of others and they in turn do the same for you. If you would like to join a community group this fall but have not joined one, contact Phil.

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