Security Team

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Security Team

The security team oversees the safety and well-being of the church family and property for all ministry programs. Team members have a law enforcement, military or firefighter background. The team trains ministry leaders and workers, enforces security procedures, and appoints a response team for each service.

Response Team


The response team step into action when there is a disturbance or when an emergency arises. These individuals know the procedures and preferably have a medical or law enforcement background. There is a point person assigned for each service to provide coordination when an emergency arises.

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Final Words

While we hope to never encounter either of these situations our aim is to be prepared if it does.  This ministry is one of alertness to the church environment each Sunday and having the willingness to respond should the need arise. We want to thank you for considering this ministry.

Led by: Randy Ontl


Want To Join This Team?

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