Meals Ministry Team

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Meals Ministry

Hello! Our ministry assists in making and delivering meals to moms with a new baby, or other reasons that church can help out a family in need of some encouragement. A deacon will contact ladies who are in the area of the family needing a meal, and you can volunteer for a day that works best for you!


Helping out a family during a difficult time or a mom with a new baby by dropping off a meal can be a wonderful expression of God’s love and care for others!  If you enjoy cooking or simply desire to be a blessing to others this ministry is a great way for you to get plugged in.



Meals Ministry Expectations

  • The Meal.
    • Not everyone family will be the same, when you sign up to bring a meal a deacon will try to let you know of any diet restrictions or allergies. Please connect with the family for any preferences or requests.
  • Be Courteous.
    • Establish a time with the family you will be delivering to, and do your best to arrive in the time arranged.
    • If you are unable to go through with the day you originally signed up for, please contact me the deacon soon as possible to arrange for a meal to still be taken.
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Final Words

By joining our team, you are helping to be a blessing to others in the many different stages of life. Many hands make for light work and keep others from getting overwhelmed during challenging times by sharing the responsibility of sharing blessings with those who need a little extra encouragement.

Georgia Zummo
Meal Ministry Coordinator

Want To Join This Team?

If you are interested in volunteering for this ministry please complete the volunteer interest form and someone will be in touch with you.