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Led by: Gerry Hunsberger

The choir's ministry can have a dramatic impact on creating a spirit of worship for the services. Our purpose is to help direct the focus of the service toward God, first; the hidden places of our heart, second; and third, what God would have us do in this world.

Choir  Ministry Expectations

  • Commitment.
    • Consistency in attendance to both church and practice is essential to properly serving the Lord through the choir. Missing practice or service should be the exception, not the rule.
  • A Heart for God.
    • The heart to give God glory is essential to serving in the choir. A lack of passion for this goal will have an adverse impact on the entire ministry. It is important that we keep our hearts right before God.
  • A Desire to Learn and Improve.
    • We all have ways to improve in singing, and having a desire to expand and improve your ministry in choir will go a long toward improving the effectiveness of the ministry.

Final Words

Thank you for showing interest and for prayerfully considering being involved in the choir ministry. Music is a vital part of our worship service each week and it’s such a privilege to serve God in this ministry. We pray God continues to bless His ministry as we continue to do our part and faithfully serve Him.

~ Gerry Hunsberger
Choir Director

Want To Join This Team?

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